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Brewery – Winery

Say goodbye to the days of dealing with complicated and time-consuming operations

With Lightspeed’s technology, brewery owners can seamlessly manage operations and analyze their business data – so they have more time to perfect the art of brewing delicious beer.

Serve up a cold one with complete confidence

The brewery POS system eases your every need and provides streamlined service

With just a few taps, bartenders can browse through menus, enter orders, open tabs, and accept payments.

  • Split bills by item, course or seat and offer single-seat checkout
  • Never do a manual count again with automated inventory management
  • Keep tabs on your brewery wherever you are with a cloud-based system.


Guests will be delighted by the perfect pour, a unique and inviting experience!

Lightspeed helps your brewery/winery stay versatile and serve guests wherever they are.

  • Deliver a better tasting experience by starting tabs with a single swipe
  • Give customers options by accepting different types of payments
  • Follow guests and easily transfer items to a different table or seat

Automation is easier than ever!

With analytics that can be accessed from anywhere with no set-up required, you’ll save time and energy.

Let us help make your data gathering convenient and efficient – giving you more chances to focus on the things that matter most.

Advance Insights lets you use in-house sales data to help you make better decisions faster.

  • Track how often customers visit, how much they spend, and which brews or wines they order the most.
  • Integrate your restaurant’s data for a 360 degrees view of your business.
  • Analyze the ROI of a specific event by comparing sales during the previous days

Transform your business with a powerful POS system that grows as you do!

Make business decisions with ease at Lightspeed Restaurant! Grow your bar and stay on top of success – get access to all the data and tools you need for continued capitalization.

Let's talk about what Lightspeed can do for you!

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