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Mobile and Cloud-based Service

Cloud-based POS

With our cloud-based POS, your restaurant is always with you, even as you leave the restaurant.  Enjoy the freedom of going anywhere while keeping an eye on your establishment.

  • Check your sales 
  • See how the staff is doing
  • Make emergency changes in seconds
  • Get reports to make right decisions
  • Store your data with total security

Offline Mode

Even if your connection goes out, you and your customers can still rest easy. Lightspeed Restaurant is designed to work both offline and online – with all data automatically synchronized once the Internet is back on. So make sure one thing stays off: that panic button!

  • Benefit from a server that never quits
  • See no unexpected business interruption
  • Get a fully functional offline mode

Mobile Service

Bring your point-of-sale system on the go and provide customers with an outstanding experience no matter their location. With a mobile device, you can access all of your service tools easily – making everywhere a convenient destination for amazing hospitality!

  • Show items with photos and description
  • Take payments on the spot
  • Create hassle-free experience for customers

Improved Communication

Keep your team in the know with improved communication – no more raised voices or back-and-forth misunderstandings! With our POS system, orders are quickly and easily communicated to the kitchen, so they don’t have to leave their line. That’s efficient ordering that saves time for everybody.

  • Send orders directly to the kitchen.
  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Reduce the floor traffic
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