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Minimal Training

Make training minimal, so everyone can get working quickly – resulting in both efficient employees and happy ones!

  • Customer Facing Display which helps reduce customer inquiries. 
  • Tailor the interface to staff needs with the help of customizations
  • Work with a user-friendly system

User Permissions

Keep tight reins on your business with Lightspeed’s permission settings. Let you and only you determine what each employee can access, giving everyone the correct level of authority to get their job done!

  • Create roles with specific permissions
  • Manage the capabilities and work of your team based on their role
  • Enable or disable permissions individually or with user groups

Tip Management

Lightspeed Restaurant makes tips easy and transparent, allowing you to accurately manage them in the POS system. With no more miscommunications or errors on tip distribution, you’re freed up from any frustrations that come with it!

  • See the tip amount per user
  • Add the tip directly to the system
  • Set a redistribution percentage for the team

Staff Reporting

If you want the best from your team, don’t rely on manual micromanagement. Let technology guide them to success by outlining KPIs that will drive breakthroughs and achievements.

  • Track how much your staff sells
  • Build the best team based on performance
  • Reward your best employees
  • Give your staff KPIs based on real data
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